Sandstone Editing

​Free edit of your first five pages. Send it today, receive feedback within a week. 

Are you lost in the gray area between a first draft and a finished draft? Do you need to breathe some life back into your writing project? Do you have an idea for a book you’ve always wanted to write?  

​I offer mentoring and editing for both fiction and non-fiction writers of all genres.  I work with writers to support and guide them through any stage of writing a book, from generating ideas and getting organized, all the way through polishing the final draft and sending it out to agents and publishing houses. 

As a result of being a dedicated, working writer myself, as an editor, I am committed to not only identifying problem areas in your work, but helping you figure out how to solve them from a writer's perspective.   

Give it a try.

For those writers who have a portion or all of their text written, I offer a free edit of the first 5 pages so that the writer can determine if I am a good fit for his or her project. Send five double spaced pages to me at: