Editing Services 

Editorial comments on a full length manuscript are anywhere from 15-30 pages in length and address problem areas on both a macro and micro level.

Editing on individual chapters, partial or full manuscripts include: 

  • Extensive comments regarding plot, characterization, dialogue, flow, overall structure, readability, point of view and scene work   
  • An examination of character motivations, conflict and dramatic tension
  • An examination of cohesive themes, cohesive chapters and a solid story arc 
  • An overall evaluation to summarize impressions, identify problems and address what it will take to move the book or chapter through the next draft

The Benefits of Working with a Writing Coach

  • ​Committing to working with a writing coach is a big step toward committing to yourself and to finishing your book

  • Saves time by streamlining the drafting process

  • It's much cheaper than graduate school

  • You will learn the craft of writing in an environment that is specifically tailored to you


Sandstone Editing