Sandstone Editing

Rachel is not only a great editor, but a skilled teacher. She doesn't simply tell you your manuscript needs work--she teaches you how to make it better.

                                     -Joan Muller

Rachel is an exceptionally talented novelist able to turn a beautifully poetic phrase. Along with this right-brained ability that allows her to offer keen observation and insight into your writing, she’s also skilled at left-brained critique. Rachel provides essential feedback on narrative arc, chapter structure, and the nuts-and-bolts process of writing a book. I’ve worked with Rachel for over two years and have been continually impressed with her as a colleague, critic, and instructor. I highly recommend her as a writing coach.

                                      -Jean Weiss, award-winning journalist

Rachel's laser-focused editing skills can take a writing project from good to great. She's adept at working with writers on fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, short story, essay and more, and just might say the five or six things you need to finish your manuscript and get published. 
                                     -Michelle Theall, represented by ICM Literary Agency
                                        Founder / Editor Women's Adventure Magazine,
                                           Director of the Creative Conferences

​I can’t say enough about Rachel Weaver! She was tasked with the Developmental Editing of my first book, Scrapyard Ship, which later became an Amazon #1 best seller. Having a professional top-notch editor in your corner can mean the difference between success and failure for a writer … really!

                                     -Mark Wayne McGinnis, Amazon best-selling author of the Scrapyard Ship and Star Watch Sci-Fi Series 

I love sending my manuscript to Rachel. She reads and edits with a sensitivity to what I am trying to accomplish as an author and with an practical understanding of what will succeed in the publishing world. Her notes are thorough, sensible, and infused with her own love of writing.

                                      -Tim Brown

A fantastic writing coach and editor, Rachel has been super supportive and helpful to me in getting my own writing going and helping to remove blocks, and she also has lots of good ideas for developing character, structure and plot.
                                    -Deborah J Fryer, PhD, Lila Films Inc.

Rachel Weaver edited my first and second books, both scheduled for 2016-2017 publication dates. Revisions based on her critiques made the manuscripts submission-ready. As Rachel always says, "the fixes are easy," and with her assistance, they were.

                                    -Karen Whalen, Author, Everything Bundt the Truth, Wild Rose Press

I refer to Rachel as my "fiction Yoda." I came to her as a novice and now, thanks to her invaluable feedback, I've grown past beginner writing faux pas (showing not telling and so much more), gained a much firmer grasp of plotting, structure and formatting, and landed a full ride at my top choice MFA program! Even so, I will continue to seek her guidance. She's like a personalized MFA program unto herself. 

                                    -Devorah Snively

Rachel's feedback and coaching always invigorate me.  Prior to hiring Rachel I was adrift.  Now I am focused, and the quality of my book has improved dramatically.


                                    -Eric Hogan